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Viagra (sildenafil) helps guys that experience temporary or long-term troubles with getting an erection and are therefore unable to keep their erection hard enough to complete sexual intercourse. Do not start taking Viagra before you have actually discussed your present wellness condition, other health and wellness conditions you have and the medicines you are taking with your physician. As a whole, taking Viagra is thought about to be risk-free as long as you do not incorporate it with nitrate based drugs used to address chest pain. The combination can induce an abrupt come by blood tension leading to fainting and coma. In many cases when individuals take Viagra for the very first time, a few of them (concerning 15 %) are most likely to experience certain mild negative side effects, such as flushing, problem dropping asleep, nosebleeds, heartburn, problem, diarrhea, numbness or tingling in the arms, hands, legs, or feet, muscular tissue pain, and enhanced light level of sensitivity. You do not should report these negative effects directly to your health and wellness treatment company, as they are not likely to last for as well long. More serious adverse effects are unusual yet possible, so if you discover any that appear harmful (supplanting the ears, shortness of breath, unexpected loss of vision, abrupt loss of hearing, priapism, etc) speak with your physician concerning them.

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